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Date:April 30, 2012

Jake Sheets

Boys Club, Hip Hop

Jake began his dance education at the age of eight in Albuquerque New Mexico with the High Spirit Dance Academy.  His passion for learning and natural style landed him a spot on the competitive team at the age of 12.  4 years later Jake had the opportunity to blend his talent and faith with the Christian based dance crew Extatic.  Using dance as a form of ministry, Jake was able to help other youths by sharing his passion for dance.  While still in New Mexico, Jake broadened his horizons into music with the Christian music studio Choyse Music.  Choyse music represents the Right Choice Movement, encouraging teens to live a healthy and positive life.  Jake feels strongly about the Right Choice Movement and hopes to continue the message here in Colorado.  Jake is so happy to have found DanceSpace here in his new home of Erie Co and can’t wait to share his love of hip-hop and be a positive role model to all of the students.