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  • Ballet

    Ballet is the foundation of dance. In our program the fundamentals of ballet will be taught using classical ballet technique. Each class will concentrate on proper alignment, lift, turnout, terminology and style.
  • Pre Pointe

    Using thera-bands, marbles and other teaching tools, students will work on strengthening their feet and ankles. Dancers will be building the muscles and knowledge needed to prepare for Pointe safely. They will also learn about Pointe shoes, the proper fit and how to sew and tie them correctly.
  • Pointe

    All dancers in this level must have completed Pre Pointe or have extensive previous Pointe experience. This class will continue to strengthen ankles and feet. Classes will start to include longer combinations and advanced technique.
  • Jazz

    Students will learn a Jazz warm up designed to stretch and strengthen. They will develop a sense of musicality and technique in an upbeat and fun environment.
  • Tap

    Students will create rhythms and sounds while developing flexibility and strengthening the ankles. Making sounds and learning the fundamental tap steps students will enjoy this energetic class.
  • Lyrical/Contemporary

    Known for “dancing to the lyrics” lyrical allows the dancer to move freely with the technique they have developed in other classes. Students will use more of an emotional approach in their movement.
  • Hip Hop

    Hip Hop is a high-energy urban movement as seen in your favorite music videos to the newest R&B/Hip Hop music. This class emphasizes body movement, rhythm and style.
  • Boys Club

    This class is for male students only. Concentrating on strength as well as flexibility, students will develop basic technique in various disciplines. The “no girls allowed” atmosphere will encourage a larger sense of freedom in their movement.
  • Turns and Leaps

    Turns and Leaps is a technique only class. The class consists mainly of center floor exercises and across the floor passes to focus on sharpening technique for all types of turns, jumps, and leaps.
  • Pom

    Using poms, dancers will focus on sharp arm movement, basic acro, stunting, jumps, and funky jazz. Preparing dancers for our All-Star Pom team, or High School teams.