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We invite you to step into the magical space of DanceSpace Performing Arts Academy. The premiere Erie dance studio.

It is the mission of Dance Space Performing Arts Academy to provide an environment promoting self-worth, self-discovery, and growth.  Dance lessons are life lessons and life goals can be achieved through the tools gained from dance education.

After a fulfilling career in Los Angeles, owner and artistic director Reagan Hoeft is making another dream come true by opening a dance studio to call her own.  Her vision is to create a “second home” for her dancers where they can feel free to be who they are and ultimately thrive in dance and life.  Reagan and her incredible faculty and staff look forward to providing their students with a top-notch dance education and wonderful memories for years to come.

Providing classes from age 2 thru adult in all disciplines of dance including Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Cheer/Pom and Turns. From your recreational dancer to your pre-professional, DanceSpace Performing Arts Academy is the place to be!


  • Mini-Masters Academy

    A special curriculum designed to meet the needs of our youngest dancers age 2-7. Imagination, creativity, growth, and discovery are at the heart of our Mini-Masters Academy as is our commitment to make our “M&M’s” feel safe and comfortable. Read More...
  • All-Star Pom

    The DanceSpace All-Star Pom team is comprised of dancers excelling in Cheer/Pom, Jazz, and Hip-Hop. All-Star team members will be expected to train in these areas. The DS All-Stars will participate in various competitions and performances. If you are interested in the DS All-Star Pom team, please contact the studio for audition information.
  • All-Star Competitions

    Our DanceSpace Diva’s will be competing at four events this season. We look forward to watching our dancers grow as the season progresses and can’t wait to celebrate their accomplishments. Be sure to check back for competition schedule updates as well as results. America’s Best Dance Championship: February 23 or 24 Denver Coliseum


  • I’ve known Reagan for almost 15 years now. She has served so many important roles in my life: Teacher, Choreographer, Mentor and Friend. I’ve had the pleasure of taking her classes, which are full of energy and creativity. I’ve experienced firsthand the inspiration and motivation she can extract from her students. She has a very special way of reaching students that is unlike many others. When I opened my studio 12 years ago, I was fortunate enough to enable to my dancers the opportunity to have Reagan choreograph routines for them. I’ve seen her inspire my dancers to better themselves and I’ve seen her choreography come to life onstage and delight their audience. It is something my students look forward to every year. As her friend, I’ve heard the many tales of her travel experiences, teaching students and fellow teachers all over the country. There is one thing about Reagan I know to be true; she brings passion, determination and love to every project she embarks on. DanceSpace will be no different. I am excited to see the talent that I know DanceSpace will produce under the Reagan’s direction. I hope the students and families of Erie know how very lucky they are to have this exceptional influence for themselves and their community.
    Tanya Neary - New York
  • There are a few things I can look back on in my life and say that they molded me into the person I am today. Dance happens to be one of them, but for very different reasons then one may think. Of course dance made me the creative, disciplined, passionate person I am today, but it did something else for me that was much more important. It introduced me to Reagan Hoeft. Reagan was my dance teacher between the ages of 13 and 18, and I can honestly say that she played one of the most influential roles in my life. Reagan is so much more then just a dance teacher. She is a friend, a mentor, a role model, an endless source of laughs, and just so happens to be one of the most brilliant dancers I have ever seen. Words can't express exactly how grateful to her I am for all that she has done for me. Do yourself a favor and send your kids to DanceSpace. They will be better people because of it.
  • I've been a dance teacher for the last eight years.  I've worked at dance studios from California to Arizona to Washington DC, with college and high school dance teams, and have been a private dance instructor and choreographer in jazz, tap, hip-hop and contemporary.  Without sounding too conceited, I have received numerous accolades from my directors, my fellow teachers, my students, and their families about what a great teacher I am, how I really know to relate to my dancers, and how I make things fun while still maintaining a healthy level of respect and discipline.  How I am able to get the most out of my students when nobody else could, and how easily they develop an affinity for me.  I pride myself on these characteristics as both a dance instructor and mentor, and I can honestly say that it is only because of Reagan Marie that my teaching methods are so effective and powerful.

    I had the pleasure of being Reagan's teaching assistant when I was in high school.  For three years, I assisted her tap and jazz classes, and I saw her students grow to love her as part of their families.  I saw them not only improve their skills as dancers, but also become better students.  Reagan's dancers are respectful, they dress properly, they arrive on time, and they take corrections without personal offense.  But they don't even realize that they are developing these skills because they are having so much fun! Reagan was the teacher every student wanted to have, and she was accessible to everyone.  I absorbed this amazing environment for three years, and promised myself that I would one day become the instructor and person that Reagan had taught me to be.

    Now that I have my own classes, I frequently draw upon the "Reagan techniques," and they are endlessly successful with my dancers, whether they're four years old or 40.  I strive for the perfect balance of fun and discipline that Reagan seems to achieve so effortlessly.  A few years ago, one of my tap students told me, "Ms. Hilary, you're funny.  But not as funny as Ms. Reagan."  To even be compared to Reagan was an honor of the highest regard, and I took it as a compliment.

    It gives me immense joy to learn that Reagan has opened her own studio, and if I had children of my own, I would enroll them in her classes without a second thought.  She is one of the most dedicated, professional, and genuine people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, and it's safe to say that when I do have children, I won't be surprised if I end up in Erie, Colorado at DanceSpace Performing Arts Academy.

    I am forever indebted to Reagan for the gifts in dance and in life that she has bestowed to me.
    Hilary Tone
  •  My first dance class with Reagan is what really made me fall in love with dance. The passion she exudes when she teaches draws you in no matter what style it is. She is versatile, engaged, driven, and overall has such a deep love for teaching and it shows in every class. Reagan has been fully invested in my dancing and my future for the entire 10 years that I have known her, as she does with each of her students. I have no doubt that DanceSpace will be an incredible place for kids to blossom into beautiful dancers and people with the guidance of this incredible woman!
    Love you tons!! Billi
  • When I was six years old, Ms. Reagan became my teacher, and some thirteen years later, I still regard her as such. As a teacher, she has the ability to train exceptional dancers, and as a mentor she nurtures her students to become the best people that they can be. Ms. Reagan takes the time to build relationships with her students so that there is always a mixture of respect, discipline, dedication, and love present inside and outside of the classroom. I feel so grateful to have had the privilege to grow up under Ms. Reagan’s wing, for not only did she brighten every day I spent at dance, she became an incredibly supportive friend as well. I would jump at the chance to relive those memories with her in the classroom, and I consider anyone who has the opportunity to learn under her a very lucky individual.
    Nina Fisher, former student, age 19
  • Reagan was my dance teacher in high school, but that title doesn't do her justice. Over 10 years later my muscles still know the choreography she taught and my mind still remembers what she instilled into class: support, discipline, and so so so much laughter.  There are few people in my life that left have such an outstanding impact - Reagan is an incredible dancer, teacher and mentor. I am forever grateful she allowed me to feel lightness in dance and grace in myself.
    Yours, Lauren (Lemmy)
  • Reagan has been one of the most caring, motivating, and inspiring dance teachers I have ever had. Not only was Reagan my dance mentor, but she was also a second mother to me as I was growing up. From helping me apply my fake eyelashes at competition to teaching me how to have amazing facials for character dances, Reagan has never stopped caring for her students, especially me. She is the kind of teacher that will make you stretch your legs that much further, jump that much higher, and work that much harder just to ensure your success as a dancer. Overall, Reagan has made me a better dancer as well as a better person. I could write an entire essay on the life-changing lessons Reagan has taught me and the life-long memories we have created; but to keep it simple for now, all I have to say is that Reagan’s teaching techniques and passion to help her students grow is what I will always remember most. She constantly encouraged me to always do my best in order to be the best version of myself. If you are ever lucky enough to study under Reagan, you will not be disappointed! Reagan truly is a dance teacher I will always remember and have a special place for in my heart!
    Love, Sheridan
  • My daughter studied with Ms. Reagan for thirteen years. During that time she was an exceptional role model to my daughter both as a teacher of dance and of life. She is strong yet warm and I am so happy to have entrusted my daughter to her all those years.
    Christina Jones, M.D. (Mom of former student)
  • I am writing today in support of Reagan Hoeft. I have known Reagan and her entire family since she was a little girl growing up at my mother Bette’s studio, Retter’s Dance Center, in Kentwood MI.  And it was a great joy of mine to watch Reagan flourish as a teacher at my brother Darryl and his wife Linda’s studio, Retter’s Academy of Dance in Agoura Hills CA.  Reagan transitioned from being the girl no one could beat at competition to the choreographer other studios regretted having to compete against. I can attest to her being of good character with the highest level of integrity and professionalism. In short, she is a wonderful woman to work with and is a joy to be around.

    As a member of Actor’s Equity in good standing, just coming off a feature role in the Broadway production of Billy Elliot The Musical, it is my recommendation that anyone looking for quality dance instruction sign up today. May I also suggest that you spread the word that a fabulous, nationally recognized dance teacher named Reagan Hoeft has arrived.  The level of dance in your town is about to skyrocket; I am only disappointed that my own children will not be able to attend on a regular basis because we live in New York City.  I do however plan to come around at least once a year to visit, and hopefully get to work with the dancers of Erie, Colorado.
    Thommie Retter
  • Thank you so much for being a part of our 2012 summer intensive.  Your energy and enthusiasm is infectious.  The positivity in which you give corrections and feedback to our dancers is refreshing.  The girls truly love working with you and have grown under your tuteledge.  We feel blessed to have you as part of our extended family!  We wish you all the best in your latest endeavor -- the children in your area are lucky to have the opportunity to train with you.  We look forward to seeing you next summer!
    Dianne and Juliette Savelli
  • Reagan Hoeft is such a meaningful and caring teacher. As someone who both took classes from her and eventually got the opportunity to assist her in classes, I saw the care and focus she put forth with all her students. Her energy and enthusiasm is second to none.
    Jeremy Slome