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Welcome to the Mini-Masters Academy.

A special curriculum designed to meet the needs of our youngest dancers age 2-7.  Imagination, creativity, growth, and discovery are at the heart of our Mini-Masters Academy as is our commitment to make our “M&M’s” feel safe and comfortable.  Movement is the first language in which young children use to express themselves.  By giving young children a larger “vocabulary” through dance and  movement, we foster a broader form of self-expression and self-awareness. “Family Talk Magazine” estimates that students who have a background in dance tend to achieve significantly higher SAT scores and perform better in math and science competitions.

The Mini-Masters Academy presents four in-class performances a year celebrating the different seasons and holidays.  These performances allow our “M&M’s” to “show-off” all that they are learning, as well as preparing them for our end of season Concert and graduation ceremonies. DanceSpace is proud to offer over 20 “M&M” classes at varying times of day to accommodate a family’s busy schedule.

  • U & Me (2 yrs.) Class

    2 year olds with a parent or guardian for 45-minute class. This class caters to our youngest dancers with a curriculum based in creative movement. Imagination will be sparked by the use of props, varying types and speed of music, and a more social class structure. From plies to somersaults; this program covers it all while "U" bond with your budding dancer.
  • 3 Yr. Combo Class

    Progressing from "U and Me", the three-year-old dancers are now learning to “take class” all on their own. We use the 3-year-old program to introduce our dancers to all forms of dance. They begin in their tap shoes to foster a since of rhythm and the instant gratification of “hearing” themselves create sounds. They then change their shoes to work on Ballet or Jazz developing flexibility, posture, and grace. Their lesson is complete with basic Acro and Tumbling.
  • Combo 1 and Combo 2 (4 & 5 year olds)

    The progression continues with our “M&M’s” maturing into the Combo classes. At this level we are focusing on muscle memory, understanding terminology, and proper technique. Repetition in a creative class structure allows for success in Combo 1 and 2. Tap, Ballet, and Jazz are covered in these classes allowing our dancers to build a strong technical base.
  • Combo 3 (6-7 year olds)

    At this level we are preparing for our “M&M’s” to “graduate” from the program into focused disciplines. Tap and Jazz are the base of Combo 3 allowing for more focus and growth. We will move faster through techniques and dancers will master movement more quickly.
  • 5-7 Hip Hop

    Isolations, freedom of movement, and rhythm is at the core of 5-7 Hip Hop. Still with a strong jazz base, 5-7 Hip Hop will also lay the groundwork for basic break-dancing.
  • 6-7 Preliminary Ballet

    For our budding ballerinas we offer an hour-long ballet class focusing on proper technique and terminology with grace and poise.